January 2, 2013
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Sunrise 01_02_2013

Beautiful morning driving south from Seattle to work today. Mt Rainier in silhoutte to the south, beginings of sunshine and gorgeous clear sky with beautiful colors - which immediatley fell into fog and ice and massive accidents as soon as I got into Pierce County. If I believed in signs, I would say this means "move north, young lady, move north!"

Happy 2013 :)

Email Amusement
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I wasn't very excited about working. Thursday is my least favorite day - no clue why, but it happens regularly. Really, I was feeling very tired and missing my bed. Then, I opened an email from my sister, who forwards many things (but only the funny or appropriate ones).

This is a small selection of what I saw.

Happy Thursday!

WIP details for "Abstract Branches is Orange" Painting
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Well, I have been promising an update like this since i posted Abstract Branches in Orange on DeviantArt over a month ago. So, below are some images from the session when I worked on it, along wiht a few notes and comments.

Prints of this are available on DeviantArt at www.phirebrand.deviantart.com/prints now!

And, you all get to be the first to know about the 30% greeting cards sale happening at DevianArt Prints, starting November 13th!!

So check out my prints, greeting cards and gifts. Remember, Christmas is right around the corner (shameless plug for products, I know!)

Now, to the studio!

Ampersand Acrylic Gesso Panel, 12 x 12; various acrylic colors, primarily Golden brand; Golden acrylic medium gel, semi-gloss & light moulding paste. Here the background is laid out with the branches traced in a light brown.

Color blocked in, including a fabulous copper metalis acrylic by Golden (I love this particular line from them!)

Detail of the first layer of moulding past, tinted with a custom brown-orange mix of acrylic

Second, and insome cases, third coats of color. First coat of clear semi-gloss gel, used over the lightest color as a varnish

Detail of the branches after a darker wash of acrylic was applied over the top of the moulding paste, for dimension and texture.

Finished painting, drying on a table easel in my dining room.

I intend two more pieces to this series, another 12 x 12 panel, and possibly a 24 x24 or 12 x 24 panel to add to this one. I seem to have a thing for triptychs lately, and I have another one in process at the moment, to be part of the Moonscape series, which can be viewed here.

and, lastly, a little doodle I did while in between paintings:

OMG! Watch King 5 News tonight & see Product Runway feature!
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more here!! http://phirebrandmine.blogspot.com/2009/11/product-runway-on-king-5-news-tonight.html

Phirebrand Arts Blog Links
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As traitorous as this may seem - currently my blog is on Blogger. Since I am new to this blogging thing, I haven't been able to figure out how to export my blog and move it to livejournal.com. Therefore, for the time being, please check here

I leave you with a few images from one of October Paingtings WIP (work-in-progress) post that I will be putting up on Blogger later this week.

Abstract Branches In Orange

My usual painting set up, and the background and branches traced in brown.

Basic colors blocked out, and the begining of the moulding paste, tinted brown, traced on a brnch.

More details for this painting and my painting Underground can be found here later this week - still posting up photos :)

Happy Tuesday All!


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all I have to say is:


okay, I'm done now

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so i had a great post but LJ was up for maintenance and deleted it. i may post it later. right now, i am gonna go look at art to calm down.**stomps off to deviantart.com**


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