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WIP details for "Abstract Branches is Orange" Painting
face, blue, red, blade, eyes
Well, I have been promising an update like this since i posted Abstract Branches in Orange on DeviantArt over a month ago. So, below are some images from the session when I worked on it, along wiht a few notes and comments.

Prints of this are available on DeviantArt at now!

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Now, to the studio!

Ampersand Acrylic Gesso Panel, 12 x 12; various acrylic colors, primarily Golden brand; Golden acrylic medium gel, semi-gloss & light moulding paste. Here the background is laid out with the branches traced in a light brown.

Color blocked in, including a fabulous copper metalis acrylic by Golden (I love this particular line from them!)

Detail of the first layer of moulding past, tinted with a custom brown-orange mix of acrylic

Second, and insome cases, third coats of color. First coat of clear semi-gloss gel, used over the lightest color as a varnish

Detail of the branches after a darker wash of acrylic was applied over the top of the moulding paste, for dimension and texture.

Finished painting, drying on a table easel in my dining room.

I intend two more pieces to this series, another 12 x 12 panel, and possibly a 24 x24 or 12 x 24 panel to add to this one. I seem to have a thing for triptychs lately, and I have another one in process at the moment, to be part of the Moonscape series, which can be viewed here.

and, lastly, a little doodle I did while in between paintings:

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I LOVE those colors together!! :D It's so tranquil!

thank you darlin :) i just got the big panel for the third piece, hopefully i will get them done soon

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